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My name is Lauren Kaufmann (she/her) and I'm a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor, mother of two, and an Enneagram 8w9. I also founded Fern Creek Wellness, PLLC and am passionate about increasing acceptance of seeking support through therapy. Additionally, I am driven to be a leader in the private practice world and love creating the change I wish to see in our community. I value using our gifts to further the goals of justice, equity, and amplifying the voices of marginalized individuals and communities. 

Lauren is currently operating a waitlist, which you can join here:

Am I right for you?

Others tell me that I both warmly support you in feeling competent and capable, and at the same time inspire you to grow into your full capabilities. In addition to wanting that mix, if you are into humor, hearing it like it is, metaphors that make a whole lotta sense and change your perspective, nuanced insight, creativity, and learning cool new tidbits, then I'm the therapist or licensure supervisor for you! If you are interested in learning more about how our capitalistic, cisnormative society is causing a host of mental health challenges, then I'm also right up your alley. If you want to gain a unique perspective on the Enneagram and how it shows up in your life in positive and challenging ways, then let's chat and see if we could be a good fit.

If you want someone who is going to only speak in soothing tones, hold your hand, and pump up the nurturing to 100, well, I can do that too! And you might be better served by letting me know so I can refer you to a clinician who has smoother edges and will better fit your needs. I know I'm not for everyone, but I do know there is a therapist out there for everyone.

People who enjoy working with me:

​The short version -

You are any or all of the below:

  • a parent of any age, or about to become a parent

  • a parent of a strong-willed or spirited child

  • trying to figure out who you are and where you fit in

  • experiencing workplace stress, anxiety, dread, and/or toxicity

  • a member of the LGBTQ+ community or an ally for a loved one in that community

  • loving the Enneagram and ready for the next level of growth and understanding with it


The long version:

You're about to become a parent or have already welcomed your baby and you are struggling with depression, anxiety, or just not feeling quite right. And maybe you and your partner are trying to decide - do you add one more kiddo to your family or is your family complete just how it is? Or you're a parent to a child, teen, or an adult child who is struggling with their mental health and you want to process your reactions and know how to support them more effectively or get on the same page with your parenting partner.


Or maybe you are trying to figure out who you are and where you fit in, maybe your plans took a shift and you're trying to gain perspective and insight and regain your footing. Maybe you're a human who is overwhelmed, anxious, and pretty pissed off about this never-ending pandemic and want some support coping with it. Maybe your job is something you dread each day, and you struggle with feelings of insecurity, doubt, and panic when someone says something as small as "hey, can we check in?" You know you're not being treated right, but scared for what that means. 

If you see yourself reflected in one or more of the above and are looking for understanding, feedback, small steps to take, insight, inspiration, and accountability, then we might be a great fit together!

I have limited spaces for Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, Optum, and United insurances, and please Click Here to learn about the cost for self-pay Individual, Couples, & Family Therapy, and Family Coaching, LCMHCA Supervision, Practicum & Internship Supervision, and Trainings, Workshops, & Consulting.​ Good Faith Estimates of expected charges are available to uninsured and self-pay individuals upon scheduling an item or service, or upon request.

Additionally, I am a Registered Professional Counselor Telehealth Provider (#664) in the state of South Carolina and can provide telehealth therapy to clients who are in the state of South Carolina. 


If you're looking to work with me in therapy, are seeking supervision, or wish to network, please reach out! I am currently operating a waitlist for new clients and supervisees.

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