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Workplace Difficulties

We spend a huge portion of our lives at work, and yet work can be a massive stressor in our lives. From challenging bosses or customers, to coworkers who leave you frazzled and feeling alone in the responsibility of it all, there are so many things that could go wrong at work! And try as you might, it often seeps into the rest of your life impacting your home, friendships, and any free time that you manage to carve out.

Common Concerns

Anxiety & Depression

You wake up from a nap on Sunday to the Sunday Scaries - that feeling of dread when you realize that tomorrow, it's back to the same old grind. You stay up late worrying about getting chewed out by someone, or whether your boss will like your proposal. Or maybe you dread the crushing weight of being responsible for something you can't actually have any control over. You feel both obsolete and like without you the company would crumble.

Boundaries & Relationships

Maybe you feel like work has taken over your entire life. Your friends or family remark that you're always working on some new project for work, or you get called in seemingly every time they want to spend time with you. Or maybe your boss pushes boundaries and you're just not sure how to stand up to them without losing your job. Either way, your boundaries are getting pushed and your relationships are suffering.

Workplace Trauma

We can find ourselves in workplaces that have a culture that feels toxic. Accomplishments are ignored, small mistakes magnified, and there's no compassion for your financial, racial, or emotional struggles. In fact, you think you are being punished for them! You're constantly worried about your next paycheck or that you'll be randomly fired. Or maybe you've left that job but you find yourself still behaving like you're in that toxic environment.

My Expertise & Approach

I have worked and supervised in toxic workplaces for low pay. I understand the struggle, and I've felt both trapped and also like I could change things from within... and then disappointed when I realized I couldn't. As a clinical supervisor in that environment, I worked hard to validate my staff's concerns, provide cover for them, and offered compassion and grace. I do that with clients experiencing similar struggles in addition to focusing on identifying your values, following through on them, and creating plans to leave. If you've already left, our work will involve processing through your past environment, identifying how your current environment is different, and practicing skills to move through the residual feelings from your last place of work. If this sounds good to you, please reach out below to chat and see if we'd be a good fit!

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