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Check out our specialties and areas of focus below to learn more about how I can support you.


Have you had a baby recently or are expecting? Not feeling like yourself or the parent you envisioned you'd be? Constantly worried about the baby and if you're doing everything right? Click hear to learn more about Pre- and Postpartum Therapy.

Parenting Adults
with Mental Health

You thought you had reached the "finish line" in your parenting journey and then your adult child developed a significant mental health or substance use disorder and you were thrown into a world you weren't prepared for. Click hear to learn more about therapy for parents of adults with mental health challenges.

Chronic Illnesses

Whether you're seeking a diagnosis to make sense of what's going on for your body, or you've just been diagnosed, or you're experiencing a recurrence of symptoms, click here to learn more about my experience and approach to working with folx with chronic illness.

Grief & Loss

Losing a meaningful relationship is a horrible experience, and when we get the right support we can feel that the relationship we lost is not completely gone, but still here with us in everything we do. Click here to learn more about how we can work together to overcome grief and loss.

Retirement in the 

Ahh, you made it! Time to kick back or travel and relax after decades of hard work. But then what's this, masks? Risk of chronic illness and death? Vaccine passports? Travel bans? All your retirement plans up in smoke. Click here to learn about processing through retirement in the pandemic.

Young Adult Challenges

Who am I? Is this how I want my life to be? I thought it was going to be easier. I feel like I've lost all my friends. I feel like I'm starting over. Am I actually straight? If you've asked yourself any of those questions or had any of those feelings, click here to learn more about how we could work together.

Difficulties in the Workplace

Do you wake up dreading going into work? Have the Sunday Scaries started creeping in on Saturday, totally uninvited? Do you have an inkling your workplace might be toxic but you're not sure what to do about it and there's no way you have the energy to find another job right now? Click here to learn more about how we can explore this challenge together.

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