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About Us

Mental Health Wellness That Works for Clients and Therapists Alike

Fern Creek Wellness, PLLC was founded on the principal that Happy Therapists provide better therapy, which in turn creates Happy Clients. We believe in supporting individuals of all colors, ages, sexual orientations, genders, and backgrounds in living the authentic and fulfilling life they want to live. We believe in breaking down barriers in accessing mental health as well as breaking down the barriers in becoming successful in private practice. We also believe in the power of feedback to create change and growth.

Our Story

Fern Creek Wellness, PLLC began as a dream to change the way group practices operate in Asheville, NC and beyond. Though we are starting small, our vision is large: to provide a wide array of mental health services that fulfill the broad needs of the community, and eventually expand beyond mental health to include physical and spiritual health such as massage, yoga, acupuncture, etc.

Why Fern?

Ferns are one of the oldest plants on this planet. They have been around for 360 million years and are found almost all over the world so you could say they're pretty sturdy and resilient - just like the human spirit. But what's really special about ferns is how they unfurl. Their spiraled frond represents The Mental Health Journey - you might feel like you are experiencing the same struggle again and again, but when you stop and look around, you realize that you have just slightly more insight, a dash more awareness, and a pinch more hindsight. Eventually you've repeated this struggle enough times that you unfurl yourself into mental wellness. And the cycle begins anew.

Why Creek?

Creeks start out small, just like the tiny (but really huge and intimidating!) step of reaching out to a therapist or other helping professional. Creeks wind and twist through the land, carving out their little niche, no matter how solid the rocks are beneath them. They merge into another creek, forming a larger, flowing stream. Eventually they merge and grow enough that they reach the ocean, or a beautiful lake. This represents the flow of life - connecting with others, finding our place of belonging, and ultimately reaching our dreams.

Why Fern Creek?

Doesn't it just sound nice and cozy? A lush, fern-lined creek. I could spend a long summer day there listening to the water, surrounded by lush greenery. Let's sit down and have a chat on the banks of the Fern Creek.

Meet The Team

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