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Parenting Adult Children

You thought you were finished raising your children and were excited to have an adult relationship with them... but life had other plans for your adult child. You had to step in to keep them from losing their house, their job, the life that they just started building on their own. And now you're left wondering - will you get the adult relationship with your child that you have been looking forward to? Will they get to live the life you dreamed for them? The life that they dreamed for themselves?

Common Challenges


How do you reinstate boundaries now that your adult child is in treatment? Or maybe you're done stepping in and aren't sure if that's the right thing to do. You know they need boundaries to thrive, but what if they need more support?

Caregiver Fatigue

You want your nights back, you're tired of worrying: are they safe? Did they make another bad choice? You don't know what resources to pursue next. You feel like you're out of options and tired of feeling like you're back to raising a teenager.


You just need a space to process how your life has changed so completely in such a short period of time. This came out of nowhere - or maybe you did see it coming but had hoped to avoid it. Either way, you need to get out the feelings!

My Expertise

I worked in a residential mental health program for adults with a primary mental health diagnosis, and often a secondary substance use challenge, for over 7 years. My work involved supporting the parents of these adult children to understand what is going on for their adult child and to process through their own experience so that they can learn about and create better boundaries. I helped hundreds of families get on the path of functional adult relationships with their adult children either directly or through supervising a team of other clinicians. I supported families in finding the right program if ours was not a fit after all. And most importantly, I helped the whole family to feel less lost, angry, and confused. 

And most importantly, I feel like I have seen it all! There is likely not much that will take me aback about your family and I will be able to neutrally observe and find a way for you to make sense of it all and move forward through the fog. Please reach out below to schedule a consultation to see if we could be a good fit!

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