Retirement & Aging

You worked your whole adult life - and even some when you were a teen! - and now you've reached it, your promised retirement! But then the pandemic hit and all your plans to travel, socialize, and live carefree evaporated overnight. You're afraid for your health, your loved ones' health, and at the same time you're so angry that all your plans were ripped away.

Or maybe you did get to enjoy some retirement, but now the aging process hit you sooner than expected. Activities you once enjoyed are now difficult and exhausting. You spend time looking back and wondering did I accomplish everything I wanted to in my life? Did I make a difference?

Common Concerns

Retirement on Hold

When you dreamt of retirement I'm going to guess it did not involve the words "quarantine" or "travel ban", and yet here we are. Even though things are opening back up, that doesn't erase the last 2+ years of your dream on hold. Whether you missed out on the birth of your grandchild(ren) or that cruise to Greece, it's ok to feel the wide range of human emotion: anger, resentment, jealousy, sadness, relief and even joy.

Increased Health Challenges

On the one hand, you're thankful to be where you are, enjoying the fruits of your life, watching your children (if you had them) grow into their adult lives, and maybe even enjoying grandchildren. But on the other hand, you're alarmed at how often you need to see the doctor. It feels like every week there's something new! It's a lot to keep up with and not what you had in mind.

Making Meaning of Your Life

One of the most important tasks of our life is to look back and evaluate whether we lived the life we wanted to, made the impacts we hoped for, and created a lasting legacy. This process can be uncomfortable and bring up feelings of regret and longing, just as much as they can bring up joy, acceptance, and love. Having a guide to process through these feelings and make the most of your remaining years can be instrumental.

My Expertise & Approach

I currently am working with a number of individuals and couples who are experiencing a completely different retirement than they had planned for, and many who are working to come to a place of acceptance around the choices they made in life. Society tells you that you're becoming obsolete, but I do not believe that is the case at all! Quite the opposite. I deeply value the insights and life experiences of the people I work with, and I approach this phase of life with wanting to hear and understand, and to challenge you to continue growing and contributing to your community and loved ones until the very end.

I believe that when we fully honor and understand our life experiences, we can enrich our lives in the present and create positive impacts that last beyond our lifetime. If you're interested in seeing if we could work well together, click below.

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